Billy Ma is a painter, sculptor, designer and illustrator.  He was born in Taiwan and raised in Canada.  Having never lived in Asia as an adult, Billy took a chance with his now wife and moved to Singapore for a new life adventure.

In 2009 and growing restless with his job as an art director in innovation, Billy began to flex his artistic skills via digital illustrations, recreationally.  With the popularity of the first images on social media and enquiries from interested buyers, Booda Brand, the limited edition print company was conceived.  This thriving little art company now sells all over the world and has been exhibited from Singapore to Hong Kong to Jakarta.

Drawing from contemporary themes, Billy seamlessly and naturally combines eastern and western aesthetics into his artwork. Many influences derive from spirituality, socio-political issues and a sardonic sense of humour.

Billy now stands by a set of principles to guide Booda Brand art works.

1.  The art must be beautifully crafted.  Too often we see artists who can barely draw a stick figure.

2.  The art must have an inspirational idea and/or soul. Do we really need another variation on a portrait of Marilyn Monroe?

3.  The printing and the materials must be museum quality.  Our inks are guaranteed not to fade for at least 50 years and printed on archival paper.

4.  The artwork should be accessible while limiting the editions to as low as possible.

5.  We make art for people in the hope that it can make a difference and somehow give back.  This is of upmost importance to us at Booda Brand.