Multi talented Canadian artist Billy Ma is a designer, restauranteur, painter, muralist, sculptor, illustrator and art director.

Billy’s passion project is Booda Brand, a purveyor of accessible art since 2009. The stunning works often conceptually represent the heart of a street artist. Art should not only look great in your space, it should be about you.

When not creating for Booda Brand, Billy works in the commercial world by combining creative arts with marketing and mass communications.

Booda Brand’s 5 pillar belief system:

  1. The art must be crafted with technical excellence.

  2. The art must have soul with an inspired concept.

  3. The materials and printing must be museum quality.

  4. The artwork must be accessible while limiting the print editions.

  5. The artwork must have truth and be positive for humanity.

Contact us if you are inspired by Booda Brand art.

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